I help women retire...

And while I'm not the right advisor for everyone, after doing this work for over 30 years, here's the type of person where I can add the most value and assistance:

You're a woman 55-75 years young

I have devoted my career to helping women retire comfortably and on their own terms. I have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by women before and after retirement and years of experience collaborating with them.

You've accumulated at least $2 million in investments

Due to the high-touch, personalized nature of my services and my fee minimums, I am best equipped to help if you have accumulated at least $2 million in investment assets (excluding real estate).

You want to strike a balance

We’re a good fit to work together if you want to balance living well today with feeling comfortable and confident about your future.

You value collaboration

I do my best work with clients who like the idea of having an experienced partner–advisor to discuss ideas and collaborate with on your planning decisions.

You're a team player

If you’re married, you want your spouse to be involved in the financial planning process.

If we mutually agree that it makes sense to work together,
here's what I'll deliver:

Organize & Simplify

Money isn't always easy, but it should always be simple, if you ask me. That's why we'll spend time helping you get organized and simplify your financial matters as much as possible.


Sometimes you might need a gentle nudge in the right direction. Other times, you might need some tough love. But in addition to accountability and encouragement, we also want to celebrate your "wins" along the way.

Objective Advice

Money is emotional and it touches virtually every facet of our lives. And this is exactly why it can be helpful to have an objective, 3rd party analyze your situation and assist with making more rational decisions when it comes to your money. And your life.

Proactive Service

I work with a small, select group of clients. This allows me to be proactive in serving your needs. In addition to being available when you need something, I also regularly reach out to check in with you.

Informed Decisions

Not only will I help you make smarter financial decisions, I'll also do my best to educate you on the choices you have and why I'm making a specific recommendation.

Thinking Partner

I can't give you personalized advice until I've had a chance to really get to know you. And as we build this foundation of understanding and trust over time, I hope you'll consider me an interested and available "thinking partner" to help you work through anything you might be considering.

But don't take my word for it... check out my client reviews.

Holistic and Comprehensive Retirement Planning and Advice

Beyond the 6 broad categories above, here's what our work together covers on a more granular level

Up-front and ongoing personal financial planning
Tax reduction analysis and planning
Evidence-based investment management
Estate planning review
Risk management and insurance optimization
Social Security planning and timing
Medicare coverage analysis and advice
Company benefits analysis and advice
Planning for and managing large purchases
Mortgage and other debt management
Coordination with your other advisors (CPA, etc.)
And anything else that impacts your financial life

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