Lifestyle investing 101: what is it, and why is it important?

“What is Lifestyle Investing?”

“What does it involve, and how does it differ from traditional financial planning?”

These are questions I get asked all the time.

Traditional investing has been around for ages. At its core, it’s about two things: managing your money & selling financial products.

But when you think about all of the most important features of your life – your family, your loved ones, your hopes, dreams, and ambitions – the list is about so much more than just money. In fact, the truth about money isn’t even about money; it’s about your lifestyle and how to best determine your goals and what you need to achieve them.

That’s where Lifestyle Investing fits in.

Lifestyle Investing begins with you and your lifestyle to determine what you’re really after. What do you want? What’s important to you? And how can sound financial planning help you get there?

It’s About Your Big Picture – Not Just Your Finances

Unlike traditional planning, Lifestyle Investing focuses on helping you identify and achieve your lifestyle goals and objectives – not just the financial ones. Financial security, independence, and peace of mind are all important – but they’re not the whole picture. A Lifestyle Financial Advisor can help you see what others miss by asking what your ideal lifestyle looks like, and working backwards to figure out how to help you get you there.

Lifestyle Investing Asks the Important Questions

It also focuses on big picture questions that traditional advisors don’t ask. Instead of asking about your risk tolerance, Lifestyle Investing asks about your priorities. Instead of asking about how much you’d like to set aside for retirement, Lifestyle Investing asks you what a great retirement would look like, and how you’d enjoy it.

It’s About Building Meaningful Relationships

Because they work on commission, financial advisors often take on as many clients as they can – sometimes up to 200! Unfortunately, that model is not conducive to lasting, meaningful relationships. The alternative model offered by Lifestyle Investing puts clients first. Advisors take on fewer clients – in my case, no more than 60 – so that they can build long-lasting relationships with them, to better understand their values and needs.

Lifestyle Investing is About Your Needs – Not the Advisor’s

The focus of the Lifestyle Investing partnership is also radically different; rather than selling select financial products, lifestyle financial advisors equip their clients with the information and resources they need to make informed decisions about their future. It’s a model built around your needs and priorities – not the advisor’s, and one that empowers you to understand where your financial plan is going, and how it will get you there.

If you’re looking for an alternative choice to traditional financial planning, there are options. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. When it comes to getting the right advice for your future, choose an investing model that puts your lifestyle goals front and center. Anything less just isn’t worth the investment of your money or your time.

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